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21-Mar-2023 19:27

Installing New Open Kitchen Shelves
*This story was made possible by the generous support of UltraShelf, and features gifted product for ... Read more
21-Mar-2023 19:07

Declutter and Get Set for the Season with the Get Organized Toolkit
One of my missions as a crafter is to encourage people to use what they have to make ... Read more
21-Mar-2023 17:15

Lime Ricki launch party
Lime Ricki Launch Party! We held our launch party the day the collection debuted. The event captured the ... Read more
21-Mar-2023 16:43

DIY Tulip Crafts For Spring
Spring is finally here and with it comes the blooming of tulips. I have a special ... Read more
21-Mar-2023 16:43

7 FREE Coloring Pages for Spring
It’s officially Spring (even though it’s still very cold where I live :)) so here are ... Read more
21-Mar-2023 15:57

Easy & Delicious Ham Fried Rice In 25 Minutes
If you’re looking for a delicious and easy meal that’s sure to be a hit with the family, try this ... Read more
21-Mar-2023 14:08

Myths About California Property Taxes
After looking around for a while, you have decided you want to buy a place in California. The reasons for ... Read more
21-Mar-2023 14:07

Crawl Space Installation: The Key to a More Comfortable and Healthy Home
A crawl space is a relatively small, unfinished area beneath a home, usually designed to provide easy access to pipes, ... Read more
21-Mar-2023 14:07

Exploring the Use of Neon Lights in Modern Home Design: Trends, Benefits and How to Incorporate Them in Your Living Space
Neon lights have been around for so long, known for adding a unique touch to your living room as well ... Read more
21-Mar-2023 13:52

How Much Do Spring Clean Ups Cost?
A spring clean up is a process of tidying up and preparing a yard or garden for the ... Read more
21-Mar-2023 13:52

How To Make A $10 Chair Look Like A Million Bucks
Did you know you can change the whole look of a dining chair just by replacing the fabric? ... Read more
21-Mar-2023 12:36

A patchwork of history, memory and hope
[“Spring” by Avis Collins Robinson, 2023. (Photographed by Steve Parke for The Washington Post)] Abstraction ... Read more
21-Mar-2023 10:57

DIY Home Decor: 43 Stylish Projects For 2023
This post is from the blog, Decorating your home is no small feat, especially if you’re ... Read more
21-Mar-2023 10:14

Crochet Pattern – One Skein Granny Rows Scarf
T he One Skein Granny Rows Scarf is a wonderful project using one cake of Lion Brand ... Read more
21-Mar-2023 03:14

Recycled wood thread spools make a great tiny “canvas” for fiber art
Just because a vintage wood thread spool isn’t flat doesn’t mean it isn’t the perfect little space to ... Read more
21-Mar-2023 02:51

675th Inspire Me Tuesday
Welcome to Inspire Me Tuesday.  I know you are all in super creative mode and turning ... Read more
21-Mar-2023 02:12

Blue & White Spring Living Room
Spring Living Room in Blue and White and Gray – Spring Home Tour 2023. So. Here we are. ... Read more
21-Mar-2023 00:11

DIY Easter Bath Bombs
These Easter bath bombs are even easier than they sound! Not your typical bath bomb. When my brother ... Read more
20-Mar-2023 19:59

A Sweater to Knit for Warmer Days
As a person who is pretty much always cold, I wear sweaters throughout the year. Sometimes I will ... Read more
20-Mar-2023 19:58

How to Decorate Your Home for Spring (24 Simple Ideas)
Want inspiration for how to decorate your home for spring? Today’s post has lots of ideas to make your home oh-so-springy with ... Read more
20-Mar-2023 19:04

Testing Instagram Influencers’ Product Recommendations — Jasco Mask & Peel Liquid Masking Tape & Primer
Over the past few months, I’ve seen about ten DIY Instagram influencers recommending a product called ... Read more
20-Mar-2023 18:52

Main Squeeze, Tropical Citrus Bridal Shower Theme
She Found Her Main Squeeze Planning a bridal shower in spring or summer? We have the perfect, colorful, tropical ... Read more
20-Mar-2023 18:51

How to Make a Bunny Pillow Cover
Hello! It’s time for our Celebrations of Home “Easter” ideas. We’re excited to share our fun and affordable ... Read more
20-Mar-2023 18:51

Resources for Learning about George Washington Carver
March is Peanut Month, so it’s a great time to spend some time learning about the life and ... Read more
20-Mar-2023 18:44

My favorite pysanky egg designs
I’m not a big Easter decorator but once in a while, I find things that I really love ... Read more
20-Mar-2023 18:44

What to Serve with Quiche - 12 Great Side Dishes
Wondering what to serve with quiche? We have 11 delicious side dishes perfect for this brunch classic. ... Read more
20-Mar-2023 18:44

What to Serve with Soup - 10 Best Side Dishes
Wondering what to serve with soup to round out your dinner? Here are 10 of our favorite side ... Read more
20-Mar-2023 17:34

Office Design Plan: Blue and White Decor
Looking for a creative and stylish option for your office? Here’s my design plan featuring tons of storage ... Read more
20-Mar-2023 16:54

Weekly Menu Plan #13
Struggling to come up with dinner ideas to feed your family? These free weekly meal plans are here to take ... Read more
20-Mar-2023 15:04

15 Fun And Silly Crochet Scarf Patterns
  Welcome to our collection of 15 Fun and Silly Crochet Patterns for Fun Scarfs! ... Read more
20-Mar-2023 14:59

How To Make Your Own Quality Decor For The House
Are you tired of having a drab and uninspired living space? Do you want to surround yourself with beautiful pieces ... Read more
20-Mar-2023 14:58

How to Arrange Plants in a Living Room (5 Tips!)
It is a firm belief of mine that every room in the house needs a plant. Especially the ... Read more
20-Mar-2023 07:40

How to Organize a Desk Without Drawers {11 Ways}
How to add more space to your work desk even if is small Do you have a desk without drawers ... Read more
20-Mar-2023 06:54

DIY Spring Decor Cloche
DIY SPRING DECOR CLOCHE Hey y’all, it’s our favorite day of the month, time for our Thrift Store Decor ... Read more
20-Mar-2023 06:54

How To Paint A Wood Planter For Your Spring Flowers
How to paint a wood planter for your Spring flowers. An old wood box can be recycled in ... Read more
20-Mar-2023 03:53

Cinnamon Sugar Donut Muffins Recipe
Cinnamon Sugar Donut Muffins are the perfect combination of a donut and a muffin! These delicious treats are ... Read more
20-Mar-2023 00:57

Rustic Stacked Frame Sign
I’m excited for this Rustic Stacked Frame Sign for this week in the Creative Haven! It’s part of ... Read more
19-Mar-2023 22:51

How to Make a Cross Stitch Pattern into a Bag
The other day I was looking at spring and Easter cross stitch patterns, as one will do this ... Read more
19-Mar-2023 18:04

Cute Easter baskets and fillers
Cute Easter Baskets In the past I’ve just used whatever baskets I have lying around, but this year ... Read more
19-Mar-2023 17:05

Cleaning Up The Patio For Spring Fun
Cleaning Up The Patio For Spring Fun.  Time to be outside and enjoy the warm temperatures ... Read more
19-Mar-2023 15:32

Book Review – Crochet Magical Creatures: 20 Easy Amigurumi Patterns
I have just finished browsing through ‘Crochet Magical Creatures: 20 Easy Amigurumi Patterns‘ and I can ... Read more
19-Mar-2023 15:32

Stamped Tags for National Women’s Month
Celebrate National Women’s Month in March with some bold and beautiful stamped tags. These mixed media ... Read more
19-Mar-2023 15:02

10 Things I Love Sunday
The weather is unseasonably cold this weekend, but I’ve been forcing myself to bundle up and take walks. ... Read more
19-Mar-2023 13:28

Style Scouting: Vol. 134
This post is from the blog, Thanks for stopping by for this week’s Style Scouting. My Sunday ... Read more
19-Mar-2023 11:23

Seven Ways to Protect Yourself from Mosquitoes This Summer
The constant buzzing and humming sound in your ear are not only irritating, but potentially dangerous. As the summer months ... Read more
19-Mar-2023 11:23

Painting and Decorating: The Best Hardware and Tools for a Professional-Looking Finish
Good painting and decorating are essential for any interior design project in your home or commercial premises. The process will ... Read more
19-Mar-2023 08:55

Making renovations to your vacation home to be more wheelchair-friendly
Vacationing can be tricky for people with mobility concerns. Whether boarding a Panama Canal cruise or just getting into a ... Read more
19-Mar-2023 06:49

Ideas for Raised Garden Beds in 2023
This post may contain affiliate links. Are you looking for ideas for raised garden beds? You’ve come ... Read more
19-Mar-2023 06:47

No Bake Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies And A DIY Cookie Stand
These DIY cookie stands were so easy to make. The candle holders I found and the decorative dinner ... Read more
18-Mar-2023 18:32

Toy Mat and Storage Bin Sewing Pattern
 sewing pattern is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to add a touch of organization ... Read more